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In my project “Sponge Docks”, I like to show the colors of this very unique village. 
The fishing boats, the sponges, Greek-orthodox churches, and the beautiful architecture of the small cottages.
The old people with their very interesting faces. Weathered after years on the sea, fishing, and diving for sponges.
What fascinates me is how the Greek natives are preserving their culture with their own schools, “kafenions” (coffee houses), restaurants and cultural institutions. I am trying to capture this for a future generation when all this is gone.


I love big cities, especially Stockholm where, I have been working on a series of pictures from Old Town (Gamla Stan). The architecture of these over 500-year old buildings inspires me and I can walk for hours here on the old cobblestone streets and in the small narrow alleys. I capture the details in these old houses.


I am painting my pictures with very strong colors, it has become my artistic language.


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